June 7th, 2000 Progress Report

Here is what Rich Dormer, Mark Woodruff and I accomplished in the above photos since the 4/23/00 update:
  • Cowl contour milled onto the motorplate
  • Rear motor mounts finished
  • New steel drive coupler tube complete
  • Master kill switch mounted to crossmember
  • Master shutoff-rod and handle added to rear of car
  • Seat ass-pan finished and welded to seat back
  • Oak hammerform for the tank constructed (Thanks Joe Katon!)
  • Seatback finished and shoulder belt hole added
  • Body Dzus fastener tabs added
  • New aluminum side panels finished
  • New aluminum side motor covers finished
  • New 2 piece aluminum belly pan in place
  • New aluminum fuel tank 50% complete
  • Engine block bored .060" over, line-honed and decked.
  • Canfield Aluminum heads complete
  • New nozzles and hoses installed on injector
  • Steering bellcrank tab tacked in place
  • One tie-rod shortened 1 1/2" (Thanks Budz Rodz!)
  • Steering geometry adjusted for new spindles
  • Newer Weld Wheels and Goodyear Eagles on front (tubes added)
  • New master cylinder and brake pedal assy mounted
  • Throttle pedal mounting perch fitted and tacked together
  • Shifter mounting brackets complete
  • Front and rear of fuel tank ready for welding

Photos by: Bill Dare