Video Clips

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Old stuff from wayyyy back...

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These two clips were taken by George Adams at Woodburn's 2001 Season Opener. Thanks John Lee for putting the VHS footage on a CD for me!

Team OHCP could only make it to the second day of the two day event, and this was our one and only practice pass before competition. It was our first time out with zoomies, and it happend to be our quickest pass ever at the time: 8.35 @ 159MPH.

A burnout and a closeup
while we back up
Size: 782K

The Chili Pepper roars
past for an 8.35 pass
Size: 543K

For more great racing color, visit the Northwest Drag Racing site put together by George and Karen Adams.

The two clips below were taken by Jim Fischer at Woodburn's 25th annual Oldies but Goodies event while qualifying.

The Burnout
Size: 625K

The Launch
Size: 769K
That's Rick New of Sandy, OR in the left lane. He left a little early, and I left way late. I was trying to get the hang of a full tree with no electronics. I wish the world would race with a 4-tenths pro tree. Delay boxes would be obsolete...just leave when you see amber!