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One Hot Chili Pepper is the Fuel Injection Enterprises "company car". All sorts of new and innovative ideas related to fuel systems and magnetos are first tried on the track with our car. The first focus is always reliability. For example, magnetos are built bulletproof, with no compromises. Only the best methods and materials are used along with exhaustive testing "at the plug" to ensure top performance. FIE now manufactures the Super-Mag and Sprintmag along with a wide range of magneto related components.

Fuel systems are flowed and analyzed with safety and consistency in mind. Whether you are just starting out and need help or have a tried a true setup that you'd like to get more from, FIE can help. Learn more about FIE.

FIE also stocks a huge assortment of Enderle, Hilborn, Mallory, MSD and Vertex components as well as some of its very own products. Visit the FIE Webstore!

London's Automotive

855 SW Western Blvd. Corvallis, Oregon

London's Automotive in Corvallis, Oregon will continue to back The Chili Pepper for the 2015 season. Owner Bob Thayer has helped us in the past with equipment and expertise, including differential setups. London's sponsorship makes a huge difference in the team's available budget, not only for maintenance costs, but for improvements and upgrades along the way.

If your foreign or domestic vehicle needs work, take it to London's in Corvallis and help us thank Bob for his support!