2015 Specs

Vehicle: 185" wheelbase front engine dragster
Weight: 1720 lbs. wet with driver
Engine: 393 Dart - Little M SBC
Bore: 4.155"
Stroke: 3.625"
Rods: 6" BME Forged Aluminum
Compression Ratio: 11.2:1
Pistons & Rings: Ross Custom Forged - Akerly & Childs
Engine Bearings: King - fully grooved
Lubricants: Penn Grade 1 SAE70, AMSOil Synthetic Gear lube, Chevron THF
Valvetrain: Spud's Nitro Grind Roller Cam, Jackson gear drive
Valve lift: Huge
Valve Duration: Forever
Intake/Exhaust Lobe separation: From Here to There
Intake Lobe center: In the Middle of course!
Intake/Exhaust Overlap: An Unlikely Amount
Rocker Ratio: 1.68 Intake   1.52 Exhaust
Heads: World Motown 220 Iron - 60cc chambers
Intake valve diameter: 2.100"
Exhaust valve diameter: 1.60"
Fuel: Nitromethane, Methanol - 7 gallon tank
Induction: Hilborn 2 7/16" Mechanical Fuel Injector, FIE Metering valve
Nozzles/Pump: FIE Nozzles (16), Enderle 990 pump
Ignition: FIE Super-Mag+ Magneto - 11.3 amps Primary (34 amps Peak)
Transmission:A-1 Powerglide (1.69 low gear) with brake
Converter: BTE 9.5" 3500 RPM Stall
Brakes: Wilwood Discs
Tires: Hoosier 32.0" dia. x 13.5" wide (D05 compound)
Exhaust: 17" zoomies
Final drive ratio: 2.91:1 Moser 9" rearend, 40 spline axles