March 10th, 2001 Progress Report

Off-Season Improvements

I've added a few links below to photos of some of the finished items. Check 'em out...

Port match the heads to the injector
Match the header subplates to the exhaust ports
Cut the header collectors to length
"Engine turn" finish on dashpanel
Add a burnout RPM limit toggle switch
Tach-arm and reverse switches reduced to single DPDT
Add a reset switch for the delay box
Spiff the headers up and remove the uglies
Valve job
Weight can for the nose
Mount breather puke can and coolant catch can
Install evacuation system to headers and valve covers
Replace stainless fuel vent tubes with aluminum
Drill the steering shaft for a THRU bolt!
Silver ceramic coat the headers
Put a temp gauge on the transmission
Add a drain plug to the tranny pan
Add a pressure cap & plumbing
New throttle return spring bracket
Mount and plumb the Oberg oil filter
New plug wires
Wheelie bar
Paint details